Sunday, January 4, 2009

final say

The racing was clean and fast with skinny winning from colin entwhistle and the odd minor casulty ie rodney woods after a slight come to gether with colin hit the wall and colapsed the front wheel on his car. Skinny and Colin both racing different lines colin round the pole line and skinny up high and at times were parrall but skinny slowly edged away to take the race and 1st place on the nite. And then skinny did his usual spider man trick and climed the fence, in the pits he was mobbed by eager children and some bigger ones lol you know what i mean and with a happy face signed posters for every body who asked with out complaint cause thats the person he is, a crowd pleaser and a show man to the end, and shore at times some people object to his style of racing but we go to see action and he provides, wheather in the supers or his now full time drive his sprintcar well done skinny and congrats from your admiring public and fans.


final part for the campionship

highlights final race part2

highlights final race

Ian eastermans transporter

Ian is very professional in his approach to motor sport and has raced many types of motorsport, he is a down to earth guy and drives hard but fair

final prep for last race

Skinny and crew working hard to make shore the wheel stagger is the distance for where he would run on the track as fuel burnt of and run higher or lower on the track.

finals nite south pacific spintcar champs

well done to all competitors on a great show

Friday, January 2, 2009

jan 2nd 09 nz grand prix

The nite went well with some fast times being done by Skinny ,Rodney Woods and Colin Entwhistle as well as other local drivers, It was good to see some palmy drivers who also brought there stockcar as well. The palmy stocky held its own with the locals and also the kihikihi car did as well but took a lot of hits. Also other drivers from the other tracks who attended I thank you for attending.

The next nites racing will hopfully bring more of the same and good luck to all visiting drivers. Here are photos of the driver who are competing in the nz printcar grand prix enjoy i willpost names later
. please feel free to write comments the GRIZZ